One year ago today...

One year ago today, vows were exchanged.

One year ago today, toasts were made.

One year ago today, cake was eaten.

One year ago today, people danced.

One year ago today, we became husband and wife.

The 365 days since our adventure began seriously seem to have flown by! I suppose there's truth to what they say about time when you're having fun. We've definitely experienced our share of excitement: honeymooning in Scotland, purchasing our first home, becoming godparents to the most beautiful little girl in the world, Mr. Yorkie's recent tenure at the university, and a new job that I'll begin next month. We've honestly been blessed.

The year has also presented a few challenges, the first being the initial adjustments to living together (a first for us both) and our new identities as husband and wife. Our in-sickness-and-in-health vow was also put to the test early on with the brief recurrence of a chronic illness. Together, though, we've seen each other through and come out stronger as a couple because of those times.

Looking ahead, I'm so very excited about the adventures that await. More than anything, though, I'm grateful that I can count on Mr. Y to be alongside for each of them.

Mr. Yorkie, here's to the first of many years to come. ¡Te quiero con todo mi coraz√≥n!


Words to plan by

I've been thinking a lot -- OK, too much -- about interesting ways to start my recaps. (For as long as it's taken me to get them going, I figure I should at least try to make them entertaining to read!) After all of the brainstorming, I've come to the realization that there's really only one way to go. I honestly can't tell the story of the days leading up to our wedding without first sharing the words that guided and grounded me through the eleven months of our engagement and planning.

The words themselves are simple: Don't let the details become bigger than the purpose.

In them I found clarity and focus, a reminder of what truly mattered. The phrase instantly became my wedding planning mantra which I repeated daily, sometimes hourly. I even scribbled it on Post-It notes and stuck them around my house and office.

Every time I'd start to feel the slightest tinge of anxiety over things like finding the perfect dress or the elusive fuchsia heels, I'd whisper the words to myself and remember that those were all just details. The purpose of the day was for Mr. Yorkie and I to pledge ourselves and our love to each other. It didn't matter if I was wearing a Jim Hjelm gown or J.Crew jeans. We were getting married!

Even though I can't remember where on the internet I found my little gem, I give credit for it to Whitney Deal of Darling Dexter. After all, that's what I wrote on the original Post-It! Several months ago, I e-mailed her to try and confirm that it is indeed hers. While she couldn't exactly recall saying it, she said she definitely felt that way while planning her own wedding... which is good enough for me! (So thanks again, Whitney, for sparing this Yorkie from much unnecessary fretting!)

Do you have a special phrase or mantra that has helped you keep your perspective (and sanity!) during the planning process?


In the Doghouse

Remember that girl who started blogging here about a month before her family tree-themed, DIY project-filled wedding... oh, some seven months ago? Then she all but disappeared without even sharing a bit about the most wonderful day of her life? Yeah, that would be me. This Yorkie's been a bad dog.

I never would have imagined that our first few months of married life would continue at about the same rapid pace as the ones leading up to our wedding. Immediately after returning from our amazing honeymoon in Scotland, I began training for my fifth marathon (which I'll run in just a couple of weeks!). Catching up at work and with life in general took longer than I'd anticipated.

Then Mr. Y and I did so well budgeting and saving up for the wedding that we decided to extend the plan to work toward our next major purchase...

We made the big move at the end of November and have spent practically all of our free time transforming this little place into our very first home, one project at a time. As with the wedding, we're DIYing as much as we possibly can. It's definitely an adventure which has been at times exhausting, but most definitely rewarding. I honestly never thought that we'd become "homeowners" so soon after assuming the titles of "husband" and "wife"!

Hard at work on our quirky pool-colored patio

Now that the dust is beginning to settle a bit, I feel that I'm finally able to dedicate the time and attention required for our recaps. I'm excited to share all about our special day with you (and boy, do I have some stories to tell!).

So if you'll have me back, hive, I promise to be a faithful friend and never stray like that again.


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