Let's do this thing!

Well, after several months of faithfully following the likes of Brooklyn Bride, Once Wed and the ladies over at Weddingbee, I've decided to join the ranks of the blogging brides-to-be. I've learned so much from others' adventures in wedding planning, that I figure it's about time I pay it forward and share my own lessons learned.

With only 64 days left until the wedding, most of the major details have already been decided upon. There are still a bunch of loose ends that must be neatly tied, though, so there's no doubt that I'll have plenty to write about.

If I expect that anyone is going to bother reading my ramblings at all, I'd better start by sharing a little bit about myself. I'm a quirky 30-year-old native Miamian who loves making "stuff", researching family history, baking, traveling, photography, crossword puzzles, and tall non-fat chai lattes. While I've run four marathons to date, I have a hard time thinking of myself as a runner. I teach Sunday School to the two-year-olds at church and I find it to be the most rewarding (and challenging!) hour of each week. I'm engaged to the wonderful and thoughtful Smarty, who is originally from the Bay Area. I find that we complement each other perfectly in so many ways. (For example, he's organized and I'm trying.) Together we're planning a June wedding filled with special details and handmade charm.

I think that's as good of an introduction as I can manage right now. Let's do this thing! :o)

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