A little something for the young (at heart)...

There's no doubt that our wedding is going to be a kid-friendly event. With eight little ones ranging from the ages of 3 to 10 in the wedding party, how can't it be?

Smarty's three neices and my cousins' combined three daughters and two sons will form the petite parade that will lead us down the aisle, setting a light-hearted and joyous tone for our beachside ceremony.

In hopes of keeping these special little guests happy (and out of trouble) during the reception, I've been collecting ideas for fun activities to provide at their table. One of the things that I'm planning to do is make custom coloring books out of digital photos of Smarty and I with our family and friends. I'm sure that the kids will get a kick out of seeing themselves in a coloring book. Heck! I'm excited about it and I'm almost 31!

On a recent trip to Target, a single pink enameled pail on a shelf in the $1 Spot caught my eye. Immediately, I knew that this lonely little bucket was going to serve a purpose in my wedding... housing colored pencils, of course! Because the shade of pink doesn't quite match the fuchsia color that has become prominent in our details, I came up with the idea of helping it fit in by decorating the pail with what has become our "official logo".

With a few supplies that I already had on hand, I was able to complete this simple DIY project in under 15 minutes! All it took was a print out of our digital silhouettes scaled to size, a small piece of black adhesive-backed vinyl (I used ProvoCraft's Cuttables for the Cricut), a craft knife with a new blade, and some tape. Here's how it all came together...

All it needs now is a fun grosgrain ribbon to dress it up a little more. Polka dots, perhaps? :o)

Will you be welcoming children to your wedding? If so, what kinds of activities are you planning for these youngest guests?

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