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I have a confession to make: I hate the look of my blog. Seriously.

I can think of nothing less inspiring than a single, narrow column crammed full of information from one margin to the other, that requires you to scroll and scroll just to read one post. This is exactly what I have. Not only does it make me yawn, but the waste of perfectly fine usable space frustrates me to no end. Oh, how I long for a colorful, eye-catching, three-column layout! What I wouldn't give for a label cloud, a link list, and room to expand!

Sure there are sites offering free three-column templates. Most of them, though, are simply upgraded versions of the standard Blogger fare. Not terribly appealing. I've come across a handful of sites offering lovely little girlie-girl layouts. The only issue there is that, as much as I love dainty details, I don't see myself as a cutesy, polka-dots and bows kind of blogger. Do you see my dilemma?

I honestly wish that there was a template generator site, like MyGen, but for blogs. That's a site that I used to use a lot, before Facebook (and then Weddingbee) dethroned Myspace from the top of my favorites list. MyGen allows you to customize literally every aspect of a Myspace layout, from background to color to font and even opacity. The possibilities are limitless, the process is easy. I love it! (If anyone knows of a site like this, help a girl out!)

For a very brief moment, I considered fiddling with the HTML coding associated with the layout. That lasted all of an hour, though, at which point I realized that outer wrappers, padding and sidebars are probably better left to a person with actual knowledge of CSS. (Not me... at least not yet!) :o)

So, I headed to the bookstore in search of a little help. I think I may have found some nestled within the pages of one bright pink-covered book: The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie. The book, authored by Joelle Reeder and Kathy Scoleri (the ladies behind Moxie Design Studios), seems like a great resouce for newbee bloggers and experienced ones alike. It's brimming with helpful information, not to mention great food and drink recipes! H
opefully, sometime soon I'll be able to give this little blog the makeover that it deserves.

How did you learn the in's and out's of blog layout and design? Is there anything that you wish you could change about your blog?


  1. Interesting blogging. Cute Profile photo ;p

  2. I hated the idea of a plain blog so I used a premade (free) template. I have one semester of html knowledge under my belt, but that still didn't help me very much haha. The main photo that was on the template I chose was some tree (random much?) and I use just a teenie bit of html knowledge & Photoshop to change it to a picture of the FI and me.

    Anyway, I found the template at http://btemplates.com/ - maybe you can look there?

  3. Thanks for the tip, colorcoated! I'll check it out! :o)

  4. I am having this same problem! Yeah it is cute but I hate that my long blogs take up the whole page! I wish I could get a break in it where you click to go to the rest! If you learn how to do it will you pretty please slip me some bread crumbs!

  5. I get this 100%... my blog kills me it is so bleh. I'm like, I'm an artist! This is a bad reflection on me! But it always seems to get pushed to second behind other craft/art projects hehe.



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