Do Me a Favor: Part 1

When it came to deciding on our favors, I was ada
mant about not giving our guests trinkets that would either end up in the trash or (worse) collecting dust on a shelf. Mr. Yorkie agreed and so we set to brainstorming practical favors that our guests would actually use and enjoy. Immediately, we started thinking about edible favors!

I've been smitten with Minhee Park's wedding details since they first appeared in Martha Stewart Weddings in Fall 2006. I especially love the little ice cream scoops served with custom-printed wooden spoons! Cute and eco-friendly... doesn't get much better than that! (You can actually order your own from Minhee through Paper+Cup Design.)

When I started to think about the logistics of scooping all of those little balls for our 120+ guests, I wondered if there might not be a better option for us. Something pre-packaged, perhaps?

Then a lightbulb went off in my head! It was a perfect choice (or so I thought), and one that would serve as a nod to Mr. Y's Bay Area upbringing, which would make a nice touch. My bright idea was to serve each guest an IT'S-IT at the reception!

Talk about a San Francisco treat! Rice-A-Roni ain't got nothing on the IT'S-IT! If you've never had one, imagine this: vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two old-fashioned oatmeal cookies and dipped in dark chocolate goodness. (Oh man, I wish I had one right now!)

Surprisingly, Mr. Yorkie wasn't too keen on the whole ice cream idea, citing two main objections. The first was South Florida's summer melt factor, to which I reasoned (like only a Miami native can): "It's hot here all year long. Wouldn't you think our guests would app
reciate a cool treat at our outdoor reception? Plus, there are such things as cute, old-fashioned ice cream carts that we could rent!"

The other issue that he had was with our guests' personal tastes. "What if they don't like them?", he asked. My first thought was "Great! More for me!" But I guess he had a point, some people might not like yummy ice cream treats. (Yeah, weirdos!) I guess it's kind of like in the same way that not everyone (um... me!) might like Jordan almonds. Unfortunately, not too many couples I've known have taken that into consideration before choosing them as their favors! :o)

Considering that IT'S-IT ships overnight express, I wasn't too worried about melting. The cost of the shipping for the 6 cases that we'd need, though, was nearly double the price of the ice cream itself. The breakdown of $2.19 per guest wouldn't be that bad at all. Had our wedding been in the Bay Area, where customer pick up is an option, you can bet we'd be serving those babies at our reception!

Alas, we're getting married in Miami... and thus, decided to keep looking.

Are you opting for regional favors at your wedding? What are some ideas that you've come up with?


  1. aww. I love the ice cream cart! So cute! I might steal this for our beach wedding. Hum it would look super cute on the boardwalk! Thanks for the inspiration!! Is there anything just as awesome that is local to Miami. Plus who doesn't like Ice cream come on!

  2. I think you should do it, and maybe offer fruit popsicles for people who are lactose intolerantn/weirdos who don't like frozen deliciousness. Such a good idea, and I love the regional connection!



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