Here's to short pencils...

A wise woman once told me, "A short pencil is better than a long memory." With exactly one month to go until our wedding, I'm quickly realizing how very true that little adage is.

Fittings, appointments, and unfinished details are all vying for my time and attention, and I find myself worrying that I'll inevitably forget something. In the past, I've had a tendency of spending way more energy fretting about getting things done than what is required to actually accomplish them. It's one of those crazy little quirks of mine that I've been working on.

I've found that making lists helps me combat those little pangs of anxiety that creep up on me at various hours of the day and night. (A good cup of chamomile tea and long runs do wonders for me, too!) There's just something reassuring about seeing each individual task and responsibility arranged in a manageable column, rather than one massive impossible tangle of mental notes. I've taken to carrying around a small notebook, perfect for jotting down those nagging thoughts so that I won't have to try and remember them all.

Here are some of the items scrawled on my list of things to still do:
  • hair and makeup trials (Way overdue!)
  • finalize ceremony readings
  • help select ceremony and reception music
  • finish aisle runner
  • finish monogram wreath
  • design and print programs
  • design and print menus
  • assign reception seating
  • table name signs and photos
  • bake favors
  • Out of Town bags
  • learn to dance

As lengthy as my list seems, I know that these are all things that I can easily take care of and scratch off one by one. (Well, with the possible exception of learning to dance... yeah, that one's probably going to take a while!) Anyway, scratching items off of lists is yet another thing short pencils are good for!

Do you find yourself becoming more anxious as your wedding day approaches? What are some things that help you manage your emotions?


  1. I know I am a year away but I know that I need to get a list going. But it seems like I just don't know where to start! I hope that things get better for you! You are in the home stretch!

  2. FPG, you're in a great place actually! There are a lot of basics that every bride has to take care of, no matter the type of wedding. What we did was start with a timeline, beginning with the date of the wedding. We then worked backwards to figure out RSVP date, invite mailing date, save the date mailing, etc. Then it's just a matter of filling in the space in between with the details!

    I think I feel better just writing that post. It's like OK, it's out there now for everyone to see. I don't have to keep it all to myself! If I don't get all of it done, it's not like we won't be able to get married! :o)

  3. Well you should know you never have to keep anything in when you are a member of the blogging world.

    we really need to make an official time line and stick to it. I started one and I took everyone's time lines and started making it ours but I didn't get it finished.

    BTW you have to admit my surprise joke was funny! I wish we were pregnant even just able to would be great! One day.



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