The Yorkies Learn a New Trick!

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Remember that last item on my list of things to do? Well, Mr. Yorkie and I have finally gotten around to doing something about it! :o)

Despite my Cuban heritage, I was totally skipped over when it came to distribution of the rhythm gene. I've never felt comfortable out on the dance floor, and for that reason have always sat out on the sidelines at every wedding I've ever been to. My biggest fear since we got engaged has been that our first dance will look more like a scene from some middle school spring fling, with us standing in place, awkwardly shuffling our feet from side to side. (That's the one move that I unfortunately have that mastered!)

With that in mind, Mr. Yorkie purchased five private dance lessons for us at Arthur Murray for my Christmas present last year. (Boy, he must really love me!) I can't tell you how excited I was when I opened the envelope containing the gift certificate that morning. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day! "I'm going to finally learn how to dance," I squealed to myself!

Well, on Friday night we made it in for our first lesson. I was pretty nervous. You see, since I was a little girl, whenever we'd drive by the second-floor studio, I'd always point at the dancers in the huge picture window. Now, I was going to be the dancer in the window. What an exciting yet terrifying prospect!

For our first session, Luis (our patient, yet funny-as-heck instructor) taught us the basics of the Rhumba and the underhand turn, which we'll use for our first dance. Since our steps look more like a lunging attempt at the Tango, I know that Mr. Yorkie and I have much practicing to do before our next lesson on Thursday. Good thing we're able to laugh at ourselves, which we did a lot of last night. Oh, and talk about determination... check out the look on my face in this photo! Ha!

Are you hoping to learn a "new trick" before your wedding?


  1. AWW.. You guys look so cute! I bet it was so fun.. I think Mr. FF and I are going Jr High on them but you never know with us!

  2. You guys should probably go into professional ball room dancing!

    How in the world did you talk your fiance into dance lessons? I mentioned the lessons to mine and he paled!

  3. Stacy Marie, that's the thing... it was totally his idea! He knew that I'd wanted to learn, but took it upon himself to surprise me with the lessons. That's my guy! :o)

  4. Aww! These pictures are so cute! I love that he took photos of you dancing! I talked to my fiance about dance lessons and he thinks its a great idea! I was actually watching Beyonce's Halo video and there is one part where they are dancing together and I was trying to do that in my apartment without any lucky! Well thats also because I was trying to dance alone! I love the scenes from dirty dancing where he is teaching her to dance...maybe we can just turn that on and learn from that!! I think we need to find a place to learn from a teacher!!

  5. PS...you two are going to look amazing on the dance floor. ;)



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