Alternative Bachelor Party

Like most soon-to-be-married men, Mr. Yorkie can't wait to get some quality time in with his guys before the Big Day. With friends flying in from all corners of the country, he really wants to show them a good time. Unlike some soon-to-be-married men, though, Mr. Y isn't up for the typical bachelor party activities. To be honest, I'm secretly relieved to hear that, but not at all surprised. He's just not the stripper-loving type.

Mr. Yorkie wants to be able to kick back and relax doing something he loves. Along with his Best Man (aka BIL Yorkie), he's come up with a plan to do just that. I've mentioned before how much Mr. Y loves baseball. (Our first date was actually to a Marlins game!) So it's only natural that he's choosing to spend the day hanging out with his buddies at the ballpark.

Cheering on the Giants at the 2002 World Series

The party will start with a tailgate at Land Shark Stadium. There they'll chow down on ribs, chicken and all of the fixings catered by
Shorty's BBQ. While BIL Yorkie is the family's official grill master, Mr. Y wants him to be able to enjoy himself, so they've decided to call on the local favorite. After that, the guys will take their club-level seats for the early afternoon first pitch as the Marlins take on the St. Louis Cardinals.

Mr. Y watches BIL Yorkie work his beer can magic

Since a number of guests won't be arriving until later that day, Mr. Y has planned an encore event that night at one of his favorite hangouts, Titanic Restaurant & Brewery. There the guys will continue bonding over Sriracha chicken wings, local smoked fish dip and house brews.


BBQ, baseball and brews are the perfect combination for Yorkie-style male bonding. All of the guys who've been invited to the wedding are also invited to the game and get-together, including FFIL and Papa Yorkie. I'm so glad that they'll get a chance to know each other, without the awkwardness and tension of typical bachelor party offerings.

Will your fiance be doing something different with his guys?


  1. You know, this is awesome. I think the FI would enjoy something along these lines WAY more than the atypical stripclub etc. Which is what in the past has been done for his brothers. But I know the FI will not enjoy that and it will be more for the other guys than him. I wish I can convince him to do this instead! He would much rather just "hang out" with the guys.

  2. Yep! Mr. M is going camping for a couple days with his guy friends. Fishing, grilling, smoking cigars, and the like. I think it's definitely a better way to enjoy your last moments as a single man with your guy friends, right?



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