Plans A, B, C... and D

"Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised."

~ Denis Waitley

With our ceremony outdoors on a public beach in the middle of June in Miami, there's no telling what conditions will be like on the Big Day. For starters, there could be pouring rain (as there has for the past 18 days straight). Another concern is that on the section of beach that Mr. Yorkie and I have identified as our "perfect spot", there could be any number of bathing suit-clad park patrons, camped out with their coolers and umbrellas. Since the beach officially closes to the public at sunset (about an hour after our ceremony), we really aren't allowed to ask them to move. Aside from asking someone to hang out on the spot for us, for who knowJustify Fulls how many hours before the wedding, there isn't much that we can do about it.

One of the few things that we can do, though, is plan. That's exactly what we did yesterday after work when we met with the manager at our venue. Together we came up with a few possible "worst-case scenarios" and back-up plans for each of them.

If the skies are clear and our "perfect" area is free, the conditions for Plan A will be in place. (Yea!!!) This section of the beach is wide (perfect for our bamboo canopy) and faces east (so the early evening sun will be at our guests' backs). Granted, there may still be a few children splashing around in the water, but I can live with that. After all, I used to be one of those kids!

Plan A site: Ready to go!

If our ideal site doesn't quite look like the photo above, no worries! We've got a Plan B! This would involve setting up a bit further north on the beach. The strip of sand there is narrower, but should still work. Also, the late sun may be shining on our guests from the side. The ceremony will be short, though, and the guests will be provided with fans. It's all good!

Plan B site: It'll do!

In the event that both of our sandy settings are unavailable, yes, there's a Plan C. I'm not terribly excited about it, but am ready to use it if needed. This little lookout point is just that, little. There probably wouldn't be a canopy, it would be difficult to seat too many of our guests due to the cramped quarters, and I'd have a longer walk around the lagoon's paved path. On the bright side, though, if the skies are clear, there's an amazing view of the city in the distance.

Plan C site: Hey, we'll work with what we've got!

Now if our problem is more with precipitation than people, that's when Plan D comes in. (I pray to God that we don't need Plan D.) Considering the afternoon downpours that have soaked Miami every day for nearly three weeks now, the chance of rain is very real. So, we'll move the ceremony under the cover of the reception venue's brand-new awning! There are even transparent "walls" that can be rolled down on the three open sides to keep everyone nice and dry, while letting natural light in. There's also an alternate arrangement for the reception tables so that everyone can be seated either indoors or under the awning. Whew!

Plan D site: In case of a rainy day...

Whatever the conditions are on our wedding day, only one thing will matter: we're getting married! I won't lie. There is an ideal image of the day in my mind, but I'm OK with the idea of things not quite going to plan. We've come too far in this process to let a few sunbathers or a little rain ruin the moment. I can't say enough about the manager at the Red Fish! He's been quite helpful with the alternate plans and will have his guys ready to move no matter what the day holds. That's reassuring!

Do you have a back-up plan (or two) in case of the what-if's on your special day?


  1. Crafty I think all of these are beautiful...and I hope that you get Plan A on your wedding day. My fiance and I joked because we are over looking the Delaware river on our site and we joked about a dead body or a big tire floating by in the background in the pictures!! LOL! But now we are thinking of moving it inside altogether. It was just a Plan B incase of rain...but it may be more comfortable for everyone and my hair and weather dont mix and im thinking of wearing it down now that I love my new hair cut! But the inside plan has glass walls...it sort of looks like a green house...but with out the greens!! I love your venue site!! Good luck with the weather.

  2. I hope you get plan A. I am getting married outside in a vineyard and don't really have plan B yet.
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your directions in your invite. I have searched your site looking for directions, but can't find them yet. Can't wait until I find out how you did them!!



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