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I know it's been a while since I've blogged about any DIY projects. That doens't mean there hasn't been plenty of crafting going on at Casa Yorkie. Here's one project that I've been holding off on posting about until I was able to get a decent photo of the final product... no thanks to the pertpetually rainy weather lately.

Next weekend (when the skies miraculously dry up), our ceremony will take place on the beach. Considering the sand, a traditional paper or fabric aisle runner just won't do the trick. From the start, I'd had in mind something made of natural fibers that would fit in well with our tropical setting. I quickly learned that what I wanted was called lampac, a material made of woven grass, often used in tiki-style decor. The only problem was that a 3' x 26' roll cost WAY more than I was willing to pay. On a rare trip to Walmart (that place makes my head ache!), I spotted exactly what I needed: woven beach mats! At $5 a pop, I was a happy Yorkie!

Over the past few months, friends have joked that I'll be crafting my way down the aisle. In a way, they're exactly right! :o)

Here's what I used to make it:

1. 3' x 5' Woven grass beach mat (I used 5 mats)
2. Elmer's All-Purpose Glue
3. Mini binder clips
4. Tapestry sewing needles
5. Coats "Dual Duty Plus" button and carpet thread
6. Single-fold bias tape (I used 6 packs)
7. Low-melt glue gun and sticks (not pictured)

Here's how I made it:

1. Trim the ties of off each mat. To create a clean edge, fold under the last 1" from each end of a mat. Glue and hold in place with mini binder clips until dry. (Repeat for all mats.)

2. Prepare a tapestry needle with heavy thread that closely matches the color of the mat. Stack two mats together (with right sides facing out) and sew along the glued edges using a blanket stitch. Make sure that your stitches are not too tight. After every 4" - 5", pause to work the seam with your fingers to help it lie flat. (Repeat, attaching all mats end to end.)

3. If desired, hot-glue (or sew) single-fold bias tape along the entire legth of the runner. (This step is optional. The seafoam green trim that the mats came with really clashes with our wedding colors. We simply can't have that!) :o)

Here is the finished aisle runner. The length is slightly less than 25' and the entire project cost under $40. I can't wait to walk down it next weekend!

Are you making your own aisle runner? Are you using non-traditional materials?


  1. Whoah! I am so impressed by this! How long did it take you to make it?!

  2. In total, about 3-4 hours. But I managed to stretch it out over more than a month. Ha! The race is on to finish all of my half-done projects! :o)



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