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As I sit here at the dining room table, trimming, gluing and tying our programs, I can't help but think of everything that's brought me to this moment in time. I'm not talking so much about the journey that Mr. Yorkie and I have shared for the past three years which, believe me, has been amazing. What really makes me well up right about now is thinking about the generations and marriages that have preceded mine.

Abuela & Abuelo Yorkie in Cuba, 1947

I think about my four grandparents who will not be physically with me on Saturday. (They'll definitely be in my heart and on my mind, though.) Most recently, my family lost Abuela Yorkie last August. I swear I can still hear her familiar refrain "Una sonrisa es una arruga menos"... or "every smile is one less wrinkle". She would constantly remind me, "Yorkisita, don't worry so much!" I credit her live-in-the-moment example for my relatively calm approach to planning this wedding. Oh, how I wish that she could be here!

In an attempt to honor Abuela Y (and all of those from whom Mr. Y and I have descended), we're working a number of details into the special day. To start, I'll be wearing Abuela Y's antique white gold and diamond drop earrings. They're gorgeous and match perfectly with the rest of my wedding day accessories.

In addition, Mr. Yorkie and I will be toasting with the exact same etched crystal coupes that Abuela and Abuelo Y sipped champagne from on their wedding day in 1947. Here they are, decorated by Momma Y with bits of lace from my dress.

As I've mentioned before, both of us have done a bit of research on our family histories. We will be displaying some of the treasures we've unearthed over the years during our reception. Each of the 16 tables will feature a different last name found in either of our family trees, as well as a photograph of those direct ancestors. Here you can see a photo of my great-great-grandparents, displayed in one of the vintage-looking frames we've collected, along with the table sign. On the back of the sign is a brief biography of the family.

There are a few other lovely things that we have in the works, but I'll have to share those with you in a future post. The programs are calling my name!

What kinds of special details will you be adding to remember and honor those who came before you?

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  1. I absolutely love the subtle yet engaging way you are honoring your family's history.
    I'm hoping that the FI's mom would offer up some piece of jewlery that belonged to her mom (the FI's maternal grandma) because she really meant a whole lot to me. But I just don't feel it's something I can ask for nor would it mean as much to me if I asked for it. Know what I mean?



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