Flying Fur and Other Fears

Hive, it's high time that I 'fess up about something. Mr. Yorkie and I have been married for close to two months now. While I've been making decent progress (for a procrastinator) with migrating my belongings from Mama Y's home to Mr. Y's our place, there's an important little something -- er, someone -- that I've not yet brought with me. I'm embarrassed to say that Bella, my six-year-old Yorkie, is still living at my mom's house.

Bella, my 10 lb. little monster

There are two large, rather furry reasons for my hesitation to move her in. Their names are Tess and Berkeley, and they're the kitties that Mr. Y adopted from animal services almost two years ago. In addition to the five pound or so advantage that each of them has over Bella, they're both physically bigger and stronger than she is, and they sport intimidating pairs of claws.

Bella is in no way a frail little pooch. In fact, she's rather feisty, extremely brave, and (I'm convinced) believes she's as big as a Boxer. Still, I can't help but worry about how she'd fare on Tess and Berks' turf. They aren't mean cats. They're actually pretty friendly (to humans). The thing is they've never been around a dog before. So, yeah.

Even as a kitten, Berkeley's claws could do some damage

While most newlyweds get the "When are you having babies?" question, our friends and relatives have been asking us "So, how is Bella getting along with the cats?" All I can do is flash a nervous smile and admit that they've yet to meet. I usually throw in an excuse like, "I was waiting until after the house was tented" (that happened while we were on the honeymoon) or "I'd like to do it when I can be home with them" (then, um yeah, just about any weekend). The truth is I'm scared.

I know that in the three years of our relationship, there have been plenty of opportunities for me to introduce the little critters. It's actually something that I'd always intended to do, but just never got around to.

Tess is currently the "boss" of the house

So now, here I am, missing Bella like crazy and visiting her a couple of times a week. It breaks my heart to see how excited she gets when she hears me pull into Mama Yorkie's driveway... and then again when she scurries after me as I head toward the door to leave. I know that I need to just buckle down and do something about it.

I've read a few articles on how to introduce a new pet to established ones, like only allowing them to sniff each other out from under a closed door for the first few days. I'm just wondering what might work best for them, considering that they're a little older and set in their ways. Of course I anticipate hissing, arched backs and even some barking. I just pray that's the worst of it.

Do you have experiences with integrating the furry members of your family? What strategies would you suggest? I'd like to move Bella in before too much more time passes. Do you think it's better to do gradually, like in a series of 10-minute visits? Or is this something to just get over with, like ripping off a band-aid?


  1. Aww ... Yorkie! I'm sure you'll get this suggestion when this post goes up on WB later today, but have you looked into getting Soft Paws for the cats? They might help ease your fears about the cats hurting Bella. We just got some for ours last week ... they work wonders!

  2. Im sorry I dont have any advice but all three of your pets are adorable! Your Yorkie is so cute! And look at those beautiful green eyes on Tess...Berkeley reminds me of the cat on Sabrina the Teenage witch!! Beautiful pets! :) Good luck with the introduction. At my moms house the dog was bigger than the cat so the cat always stayed upstairs when the dog was in the living room!! The dog never barked at her or anything but she still would go near him!



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